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Welcome to The Facility Maintenance Company!

images/stories/dsc_0120.jpgOffice buildings, residential complexes, shopping malls,  warehouses and industrial sites require professional preventive and reactive technical maintenance.

As a full service Facility Maintenance provider, The Facility Maintenance Company assists property managers and owners to maintain, optimize and maximize their technical infrastructure.

As a member of the British Facility Maintenance Association (BIFM) we operate according to international standards and best practices.

Our Preventive Maintenance method based on a Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) schedule for each location is systematic, comprehensive, transparent and auditable.

Rigorous execution of PPM schedules guarantees for the client that all preventive activities are carried out as planned and in time.

From accurate documentation of preventive and reactive maintenance summarized in daily reports, the following information is produced:

• monthly report;
• repair list;
• warranty issues list;
• tenant requests history;
• yearly budget;
• asset status report.

As a large full service Facility Maintenance partner, our Reactive Maintenance is performed by teams of professional technicians that deliver solutions with a short response time.


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“Your team has done a great job in realizing our ambitious project Grand Café Van Gogh in a historical building downtown.”

“We especially appreciate your flexibility and speed, maintaining a high quality level in finishing and installation.”

“Thank you for creating such a landmark in Bucharest.”

Jerry van Schaik
General Manager
Grand Café Van Gogh

“The Facility Maintenance Company is of great support to us.”

“The most recent repartitioning we had was carried out by them with their usual quality and accuracy and a minimum disturbance for our operations.”

Dr. Matthias Marktscheffel
Chief Financial Officer
Mercedes Benz Romania SRL

“I am impressed with the professionalism your team displayed during the technical inspection of two villas on behalf of one of our clients.”

“The report enabled them to take their investment decisions fast.”

“Also the fact that you resolved many of the items almost immediately at reasonable cost helped our clients to put their properties up for sale in a very short time.”

Isfahan Doekie
Real Estate Consultant
ID Romania